Inilah 10 Selebriti Hollywood Paling Seksi Tahun 2009

This year Betty confidential sites make list of top celebrities who have the ideal body and sexy. Criteria, the perfect curve of her waist, beautiful breasts, and always looks confident. Why can create hot and cold if the criteria like this.

1. Scarlett Johansson

"Scarlett Johansson"
Players 'The Nanny' is not famous as a supermodel or a high slender. He is famous for her sexy curves. What's the secret? "Do whatever sport you can," said Scarllet.

2. Kate Winslet

"kate winslet"
Stars 'Titanic' was never worried about her body shape changes. Kate admitted, can not remember the last time he tried the latest fashion trends. "Nobody is perfect," said the Oscar winner is. Kate does not believe in perfection. "I am proud denganapa that I have," she said firmly.

3. Rihanna

"rihanna"Pelantun 'Umbrella' is keeping her body shape with jogging in the park or on the treadmill every day. For him, the shape of her body to make clothes that always look good wearing.

4. Fergie

Fergie is very proud with his foot. For him, the foot is the part that brought good luck. Fergie still maintain her figure. One way, Fergie diligent sit ups.

5. Beyonce

Wearing a dress with the smallest size is a pleasant thing for this 28-year-old artist. According to him, every woman should know what is most appropriate for her body shape. And for Beyonce, she was very confident with her ​​body curves.

6. Jennifer Lopez

"Jennifer Lopez"
Although the head has entered the age of four, the mother of two children was still included actress sexy stature among top celebrities. To maintain ideal body weight, J-Lo, as he is familiarly called, he admitted to not eat excessive portions. "I do not eat dessert," he said. J-Lo also limit themselves in eating chocolate.

7. Kim Kardashian

"kim kardashian"
Kim admitted very proud to have her sexy body. The secret, Kim is very active exercise. Funny thing is, Kim's first time to hate the shape of her body when she was teenager, as a plump shape. But, he was actually very proud of the 'asset' has.

8. Megan Fox

"megan fox"
It is no wonder if Megan Victoria Beckham replaced in 2010 as a fashion icon in. Main actor in 'Transformers' is said, he always keep his waist size of 56 cm with a diet like hell and live pilates routine.

9. Jessica Biel

"jesicca biel"
It has a slim leg and arm is gorgeous, no wonder if Jessica Biel was elected as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. Stars 'Stealth' is classified as working hard to keep the Dada ideal weight. "I'm exercising more than five hours a day, even more," he said. Although he admitted that habit pretty hard to do, but Jessica still routinely live it.

10. Christina Hendricks

"christina hendrick"
Newlyweds was admitted always keeping in shape the breast and waist. "Even though my weight 53 kg, I still keep my curves" said 34-year-old artist. Christina including artists who maintain a diet and lifestyle. Usually, when actually undergoing discipline her diet, she can lose weight up to 4.5 kg for a month.